Make a Marketing Video Successful

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Video is dominating the internet, where it’s expected to account for 80% of all web traffic by 2020. If you’re a business looking to implement successful marketing strategies, using video is the way forward.  You could get advice from a Branding Agency sourced from sites such as

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Facts and Figures

According to Forbes, 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. Little wonder then that 87% of savvy online marketers now use video as part of their marketing strategies. But what makes a video so successful?

Attention Grabbing

As with any content, you need to hook your audiences in from the start. A fifth of people will click off a YouTube video after 10 seconds, so grabbing attention in the intro is crucial. This is the time when you need to add branded footage so audiences recognize who you are, but at this point you also need to provide convincing reasons to encourage viewers to watch to the end. Provide a summary of what the video is about, how the audience will benefit from viewing it and how it will solve their specific problem.

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Personalized Videos

With more videos being uploaded online, yours must stand out from the competition. Successful videos achieve this by personalize the content, so that audiences feel connected and involved. This builds trust and loyalty to your brand.

Background Music

Rather than detracting from what you’ve got to say in your video, background music can be beneficial to set the tone and mood, and keep your audiences interested. Be careful with your choice of music, however, and make sure it is appropriate. To achieve optimum results, you might wish to consider the services of a professional London web design company such as, who will ensure your background music blends in seamlessly with the rest of your video content.

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Bear in mind that if you do include background music, make sure it doesn’t drown out any spoken content in your video. Even if you don’t include music, your video should always be clearly audible.

Create a Call to Action

All the best marketing videos serve a purpose, and including a call to action within your content is crucial. Don’t leave it towards the end of the video, however, as you risk losing audiences along the way, especially if your video is quite long. Instead, include clickable annotations within the first few seconds of your video.

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