How to Choose the Right Powder Coating Equipment Repair Service Provider

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Powder coating offers more color options than liquid paint, allowing customers to find the exact shade they need. It also provides a higher sheen than liquid paint and resists chipping and cracking. Proper storage of powder coatings is crucial, as it can prevent clumping and caking. It is also important to have a preventive maintenance plan for your equipment.


For a powder coating shop to be successful, it must have the right equipment. This includes powder coating booths, dryers, ovens, and environmental rooms. If one of these equipment components is not working properly, it can affect production and quality. Experts on used finishing equipment Milwaukee WI providers can fix these issues quickly and accurately.

A powder coating repair service provider should have a clear preventive maintenance plan that includes all components of the powder coating system. For example, the program should include how to lubricate each part of the equipment and when to do it. A preventive maintenance plan should also address safety concerns. This includes providing appropriate personal protective equipment and complying with all local, state, and federal regulations.

In addition, the shop should have a wide range of powder coating colors. 


The equipment a company uses determines how well it will perform. An inexpensive hobby system or worn-out used equipment package will only produce quality results if it is regularly calibrated.

Powder coating equipment sizing depends on the largest workpiece you routinely coat and your workflow volume. An automated system is your best choice if you must cover thousands of similarly-sized parts per shift.

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Powder coating is a very efficient process in terms of workflow versatility and productivity, but it requires extensive prep (sandblasting, etching) that adds to the overall cost. In addition, the curing process releases volatile organic compounds that contribute to air pollution—selecting a repair service provider that takes environmental concerns seriously and adheres to best practices. This may include using low-VOC powders and implementing efficient waste management systems. It also includes supplying simple PPEs and maintaining the correct storage temperatures and humidity. This reduces clumping, caking and contamination of the finished product.


A company that can provide a warranty will assure customers they will stand behind their work. A strong warranty policy can help protect customers from any future damage or issues with their powder-coated metal surface.

Proper storage of powder coating material can prevent clumping, caking and moisture contamination. The ideal temperature for powder storage should be below 80 degrees and humidity under 50%.

Powder coating requires a specific curing schedule to produce a durable, long-lasting finish. Incorrect curing will result in poor adhesion and chipping. A simple scratch test can help determine if the powder coating has been cured properly – if the surface scratches easily, it is not fully healed.

VOCs are volatile organic substances found in liquid paint and contribute to air pollution. These VOCs must be disposed of properly, which adds to the cost of the process. On the other hand, powder coating does not contain VOCs and does not cause air pollution.

Customer Service

When you invest in a powder coating system, including pretreatment equipment, dry-off ovens, spray booths, and curing ovens, it can be tempting to dive right into your first batch. But customers will take their business elsewhere if your equipment doesn’t consistently produce quality results.

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Look for a service provider that is available for support and training. They may impart knowledge on correctly managing your system and comprehending how it works, saving you time and money on repairs and replacements.

A service provider can also help you resolve common problems, such as picture framing and foggy bloom, which cause a smoky appearance on your item’s surface. These distortions are caused by low-quality resins that do not heat up quickly enough or consistently in the curing oven. A reputable service provider will offer higher-quality resins that are less susceptible to these defects. They will also understand how to operate the stove correctly and regulate its temperature to avoid them.

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