Choosing the right keynote speaker

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How do you go about choosing the right speaker for your event? This is such a crucial choice, affecting the overall success of your entire event. It has the potential to make or break an event, creating a standout event that’s the talk of the industry or an event that struggles to sell tickets. Here are some important factors to consider when booking a speaker:

What are your key aims?

Instead of starting with possible names, start with the key objectives of your event, the theme or topic. No two speakers are the same, all having unique expertise and life experience. If you can define your goals, it should be easier to find a speaker who fits into the event better. You are then making your choice by aligning your aims directly with the type of speaker you require. If you are holding an event to share best practices and updates in particular fields such as Patient Recruitment Services you might want to consider a professional speaker from a company like Equally, if you are talking about finances you may want to have a professional with a banking background.

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Consider how your event will flow

At any event, energy levels will fluctuate during different times of the day. Understanding how and why this occurs will help you to identify a speaker’s style to match that flow. This will keep attendees better engaged and make your event flow more effectively. The standard slots for keynote speakers are at the start, just after lunch and the last session of the day.

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The starting speaker should be able to outline the bigger picture and set the tone for the event. After lunch there is an energy slump, so that slot needs to be someone dynamic and energetic. The closing speaker must be able to reflect and reiterate the important lessons from the day.

What does your audience expect?

When booking a speaker, you need to consider the organizer, the financial controller, and the audience. The last is the most difficult to pin down. If you get this part right, your speaker selection and success rate will be easily attainable.  Big names can sometimes not live up to expectations, whereas a lesser-known speaker has the possibility of ‘wowing’.

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Setting a budget from the outset will also help when it comes to determining which speaker is the right one for your event. It’s worth remembering that the speaker’s fees often don’t include accommodation and expenses. Some speakers will also have specific audio-visual requirements that must be factored into the cost as well. Make sure ever cost is fully clarified to avoid any nasty hidden surprises.

Don’t forget your goals

As the customer, you are the one doing the booking so stand your ground and remember what your aims are. Don’t feel you must compromise on your original goals for the event and make sure your speaker can deliver on every one of your requirements. Laying out your needs early on and being upfront will ensure that you get what you’re seeking.


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