What is an Anti-Climb Fence?

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If you’re wondering what an anti-climb fence is, you’ve come to the right place. Anti-climb fences are a great way to prevent would-be intruders from climbing a fence. They can avoid drunken dares and suicide attempts, but they’re safer than chain link fences. This article outlines an anti-climb fence and why you need one for your property.

They deter would-be intruders.

An anti climb products is a barrier that prevents intruders from climbing over or scaling a fence. Its mesh is small enough that a climber’s hands or feet will not fit through it. This type of fence is typically made of quality OneSteel Zalcote (Zinc/Aluminium) 4mm high tensile steel mesh.

Anti-climb fences are highly effective for protecting private and public properties. They deter intruders by creating a recognizable geometric pattern. The mesh is tight enough for a professional climber to gain a foothold and handgrip. Even if he managed to scale the fence, the security team would alert the intrusion. However, anti-climb fences are typically more expensive than their counterparts, as more material is used per square foot.

The height of a perimeter is the most obvious factor in deterring intruders. According to LPS 1175, BRE certification body, higher perimeter fences are more difficult to scale. Intruders must climb over five feet to avoid detection. If trespassers can get through a high-rise fence, they are less likely to reach the top of the fence, making it a prime candidate for anti-climb fences.

They prevent people from attempting suicide.

Research shows that anti-climb fences significantly impact the rate of attempted suicide. These structures prevent people from jumping off bridges. A coroner recommended that the Grafton Bridge suicide barriers be installed in the 1930s. After decades of complaints, the barriers were removed in 1997. The removal was linked to a five-fold increase in the number of suicides jumping in just four years. The barriers were replaced with a more curved design to be effective at preventing suicide attempts.

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Before barriers were installed, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Duomo bridge were all notorious suicide hotspots. However, the barriers have now reduced the number of suicide attempts by over five hundred percent. According to the Port Authority, this barrier will take ten years to build. The barriers are a necessary precaution, as there have been seven suicide attempts on the bridge in the past year.

They prevent drunken dares.

Aside from preventing drunken dares, anti-climb fences also prevent suicide attempts. The vulnerable state of the patients and easy access to heights make these locations attractive targets for such an act. In fact, a business may be held legally liable for any injury caused by such an act. Suicide attempts are common in places like carparks, bridges, and empty fields, and an anti-climb fence can help eliminate this risk altogether. Other reasons why this kind of fencing is important to include curious young children and risky behavior by alcoholics.

They are more secure than chain link fences.

In the last few years, new chain-link fences have become more secure in the past few years. These are usually ten to twelve feet tall and feature aggressive toppings to deter intruderbarbed wires that could be rendered harmless by placing blankets over them in the past. Still, these days cable wires are harder to cut, even with a chain-link fence. Another difference between the two is that anti-climb fences use razor coils, which are not legal on most sites in Canada but have proven effective at deterring intrusion attempts.

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These fences can be taller than standard chain-link fences, with residential ones usually at five feet or higher. For commercial properties, however, six to eight feet high is recommended. The higher the fence, the more difficult it is to climb. They can also be made with an increased gauge, which ensures that the wire is thicker and harder to cut. Anti-climb fences are also more expensive than standard chain-link fences, but they are worth the price difference if you want to protect your property.

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