Nine Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

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During the winter months, it is important to keep your home warm for the whole family. However, this can be an expensive task. Read on for nine tips to help reduce your energy bills.

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1. Switch Providers

The first thing to do is to check your energy bills and consider switching providers. Most people can make a big saving simply by shopping around and using a comparison site.

2. Heating Timers

Use a timer for your heating. This means it only comes on when you need it, and you can set it to go off while you are asleep and out the house.

3. Keep Doors Closed

Heat escapes easily, so keep doors to rooms closed. If you have built up some heat through radiators, the fire or even just body heat within a room, close the door to retain it.

4. Turn Down the Thermostat

Most people won’t notice one degree of heat change, so turn down the thermostat and make a saving. Lowering the heating by only one degree can save 10% on your energy bill. The WHO says a setting of 18 degrees is suitable for healthy people who are appropriately dressed.

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5. Portable Heaters

Buy a portable heater so you can heat just the area of the house you are using. If you spend the most time in the sitting room, you could turn off the heating and keep a portable heater with you. Although your electricity bill will rise, your heating will fall dramatically.

6. Using LED Light

Using LED light, you can save energy. There are a few providers like which are the best supplier of LED lights. Using them you can easily reduce energy consumption.

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7. Insulation

Ensure doors and windows are insulated properly. Use draught excluders to seal door frames and windows and get rid of draughts. Also, make sure your windows are well fitted by experts and that you regularly check around the seals to ensure that they are fully intact and that no damage has occurred to them.

8. Seal the Fireplace

If you don’t use the fireplace, seal it up to stop the draughts and keep the heat in. You could also use temporary insulation material – just remember to remove it if you use the fire!

9. Thermal Curtains

Choosing thermal material for curtains or at least very thick and heavy material will help to insulate your rooms. You could also line your existing curtains with some thermal material.

10. Foil the Radiators

Put tin foil behind radiators with the shiny side facing the radiator. This will reflect the heat back into the room. It is also important that regardless of whether you have standard radiators in your property or column radiators from stockists such as, that you ensure that you do not have furniture items placed in front of them. This can cause the heat to become trapped by the furniture and will not effectively radiate out into the room.



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