How Digital Vehicle Inspection Saves Time and Money For Automotive Shops

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If you’re an automotive shop, you know that running your business can be difficult. You deal with many hiccups and roadblocks that can lead to lost time and money.

With digital vehicle inspections, you can eliminate those issues. By automating the process, you can make your shop run more smoothly.

Saves Time

Digital Vehicle Inspection is a great way to save time and money for Automotive Shops. It helps keep track of repairs and allows technicians to send customers photos and videos of their work.

The process is faster than paper inspections, eliminating the need for paper and printing costs. Additionally, digital checks are easier to review and approve if the customer is busy or away from the shop.

Another benefit of Digital Vehicle Inspection is that it builds trust between Auto Repair Shops and their customers. This creates a positive reputation that can lead to repeat business from the customer.

A common problem in the Automotive industry is that customers distrust technicians because they have yet to be treated well in the past. This can lead to them ignoring suggested repairs, or they may reject them.

But with Digital Vehicle Inspection, they’ll see why their technicians are suggesting repairs and what their car needs to get back on the road safely. Unlike paper estimates, digital inspections include images of the issue so customers can view and understand the required work.

The benefits of Digital Vehicle Inspection are numerous and can help your Auto Repair Shop grow and thrive in today’s market. It’s also a great tool to increase sales and increase customers.

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Reduces Errors

During a digital inspection, technicians take photos or videos to show the customer what they find. This provides transparency and builds trust between your shop and customers.

In addition, customers can see what repairs are needed to prevent more significant problems from occurring. This helps them understand why repair recommendations are made and make them more likely to approve them.

This is especially true if your shop uses modern digital tools such as photos and video to demonstrate the problem. This also makes it easier to track repairs and keep records of them.

The resulting inspection report is sent to the customer as a text or email, giving them an easy way to review and approve repairs. This technology saves time and money for your shop and can increase your customers’ satisfaction with your work on their vehicles.

Paper inspections are still popular for many shops but can create inconsistencies within the system. That’s why digital vehicle inspection software is a much better choice for shops looking to eliminate omissions and maintain consistency across all techs.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

The digital vehicle inspection process is easy and efficient for service advisors to build repair estimates. Shop management systems like Tekmetric provide an organized report that technicians can use to make recommendations to customers.

When service advisors can easily show customers their repair recommendations and reasons, customers are more likely to approve the work. They feel empowered to make an informed decision about repairs, which improves their satisfaction and loyalty to your shop.

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Digital vehicle inspections also reduce the number of errors by ensuring techs follow a consistent process each time they inspect a car. When techs need to follow a checklist, they can avoid missing essential steps in an inspection.

A standardized process can also help with technician efficiency and workflow within the shop. Instead of juggling multiple jobs and keeping track of deadlines, techs can focus on performing their duties efficiently and accurately.

This is especially true for technicians in commercial passenger transportation industries, which face higher customer demands and expectations. Chauffeur and limousine services, for example, must meet their client’s needs while maintaining logistics and safety protocols.

Increases Sales

When you have a system where customers can see the actual work their vehicle needs, they’re more likely to trust you and approve the repairs. That’s because they know the work was done correctly and that you were honest about what you were doing.

For example, if a customer walks in to have their brakes checked, your technicians can send them a video clip of how bad their rotors look. This helps them understand the problem and gives them a better idea of the repair costs.

Your service advisors can also use a digital inspection to create estimates for your customers, saving them time by eliminating the need to write estimates by hand. With a shop management system like Tekmetric, you can track these efficiencies in real time and ensure they translate to revenue and key performance indicators.

To increase your sales, set a goal for the number of monthly digital vehicle inspections your team completes. This will help everyone focus on the task and hold each other accountable for completing the job.

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You may miss meaningful sales opportunities if you’re not using a digital system for your inspections. Having a digital history of inspection results will save your team time and make it easier for customers to approve the work you’re recommending. That’s because it’s easier for them to see which issues have been uncovered in previous inspections. They’re more likely to accept your recommended repairs and pay the bill, ultimately making more money in your shop.

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