Appropriate Christening presents for all budgets

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It feels like it was just yesterday that you held your best friend’s child in your hands but now they are already big enough to be Christened and you, whether you’re a Godparent or not, can’t help but wonder what appropriate presents to bring to this important event. If you’re all out of ideas and need some last-minute tips on what to get, we’re here to help you out by sharing a few considerate Christening gifts.

Personalized photo album

One of the most surprising things about children is how quickly they grow up and as a parent, you definitely wouldn’t want to forget any of these precious moments. This is exactly why a personalized photo album makes a perfect keepsake present for Christening. You can choose not only the cover of the album, but also write personal dedications, leave empty spaces for funny or interesting stories that happened to the parents and the baby, and of course photos, for example from their baptism or their first Christmas together.


A thick and warm blanket is something every baby needs for a peaceful sleep, especially if it is an Aran blanket. Since it is made of supersoft merino wool and adorned with classic Aran patterns like the cable and diamond stitches, such a throw will not only protect the baby but also it will symbolize a wish for wealth and success in life. You can find Aran blankets as well as plenty of other Christening gifts online that will make you stand out as the gifter. Moreover, merino wool has amazing insulating properties so the parents can rest assured that their bundle of joy won’t be cold even on the harshest nights.

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As previously mentioned, babies grow super fast which means that they constantly need new clothes. This is why onesies, overalls, jackets, and even smaller things like socks, mittens, and beanies are much-welcomed Christening gifts that will help out both the baby and the parents. You can allocate a few hours to browse the stores and pick every item individually or you can make your life easier by simply ordering a basket of clothes that were already chosen depending on the size and gender of the baby. Some fancier clothing like a baby tuxedo or dress can as well be a good gift idea, especially for photo shootings and family gatherings.


Jewelry always makes a good present regardless of the age of the receiver and babies are no exception. A safe choice would be a bracelet with an engraving of the name of your godson or goddaughter, as well as their birthday, but make sure to make the bracelet adjustable so that they can wear it for a long period of time. Another idea would be to get them a pair of stud earrings and to make the present even more considerate you can choose the ones that have their birthstone such as emerald if the baby was born in May or garnet for January.

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