Why a Controller For PC Gaming is Essential

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Whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer, a controller for PC gaming is essential. It can make the difference between a good experience and an excellent one.

This is especially true of titles initially designed for consoles, whose control schemes must be simpler to execute using a mouse and keyboard.

It’s more convenient.

The best controller for pc gaming and a keyboard are essential for any computer gamer, but some titles require a more specialized controller setup to work well. This is particularly true for games that require split-second timing or have specific functions that are more intuitive to control with a controller.

One of the main reasons why a controller is better than a keyboard and mouse for PC gaming is because it facilitates greater immersion. A keyboard isn’t designed to fit in your hand or be as comfortable when positioned on your lap, which can make for a less immersive experience than a controller.

Another benefit of a PC gaming controller is that it’s more convenient than a keyboard and mouse. A controller is more portable and doesn’t require a cord or cable from your couch to your computer. This makes it easier to take when traveling and more convenient to use at your desk or in a friend’s living room.

There are plenty of options for a suitable controller for PC gaming, and the best ones usually offer several features to improve gameplay. These include pressure-sensitive triggers, directional pads, lighting, and rumble effects. They can also be customizable, with some featuring extra paddles underneath for more efficient input. Others let you set custom dead zones for the analog sticks.

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It’s more comfortable.

If you spend hours in front of the screen playing your favorite games, you may want to consider investing in a controller. It will be more comfortable and convenient to use than a mouse and keyboard, facilitating greater immersion in your gaming experience.

A controller is ergonomically designed to fit in your hands, so it’s easy to grab without your fingers getting stuck in awkward positions. It also has ergonomic stick placement, making aiming and shooting more precise and less straining on your hands.

The best controller is also essential if you play multiple games. For example, you might need to move around a lot in first-person shooters, so you’ll need a controller with more than one joystick.

The market is stocked with wired and wireless options, so you can easily find something that works for both consoles and PC. Some even have extra paddles that you can easily swap out, so it’s well worth considering a multi-controller setup if you like to experiment with different control inputs.

If you’re unsure whether a controller suits your needs, check out our guide on choosing the best controller. You’ll be able to find the suitable model for your needs, and it will make a massive difference to your gaming experience.

It’s more customizable.

You might want to use a controller for gaming a PC that provides more flexibility than a keyboard and mouse. In addition, some games, such as platformers and racing titles, might not feel as smooth when played on a keyboard and mouse, so using a controller can make those games more enjoyable.

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It also allows you to switch between different types of controllers, such as joysticks and mice, without having to go through the setup process each time. So, for example, you can play Battlefield with a mouse and keyboard, then pick up a controller to jump into a vehicle in the same game.

Moreover, many controllers offer customizable features like extra paddles and interchangeable parts. For instance, the Elite Series 2 from Microsoft is a top-of-the-line model that offers swappable thumbsticks and a programmable four-way directional pad.

It also supports haptic feedback, which simulates real-world surfaces that can change in texture and weight depending on how you move. However, only a few games support these features at the moment.

It’s more versatile.

Many PC gamers prefer a keyboard and mouse setup, but it’s essential to know that some games are best played with a controller. These include games like Elden Ring and Dark Souls, some platformers, and racing titles.

These games require a lot of movement, which can be challenging to control with a single joystick. Moreover, first-person shooters often demand precision shooting, so using a controller will allow you to move more quickly while still keeping up with the action.

If you want to play a wide range of games, you must buy a suitable PC gaming controller. Luckily, the market is in a great place right now, with more and more options available that work well with both consoles and PCs.

This is especially true of the Xbox Core controller, which works with various modern consoles and PCs. In addition, its directional pad is one of the most accurate on the market and compatible with multiple game genres.

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Alternatively, you can try the DualSense from Sony, which works with Steam and most other platforms. However, the device isn’t quite as reliable and won’t work with some games.

It’s also worth noting that some indie games were developed for consoles but have since been ported over to PC. These titles typically have more complicated menus, which can be tough to navigate without a controller.

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