Field Hockey: Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

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Field hockey carries risks of injury like many team contact sports. With two goalies and twenty players running around a field with hard sticks and swinging at a hard plastic ball, it is inevitable that players will occasionally get hurt.

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The most common entertainment things like vintage lawn darts for sale you can use for your fun & entertainment, and hockey injuries are sprains and ligament and muscle tears. Stick or ball contact can cause fractures. Contact to the head or face can break teeth, and cause eye injuries or concussion.

When it comes to youth players, the likelihood of injury is increased due to a lack of expertise, control, and awareness. To minimize the risk of causing injury on the hockey field, here are some safety tips.

Protective Gear

Shoes – Choose ribbed soles or molded cleats and only opt for screw-in cleats when the field is wet to avoid unnecessary risks.

Shin guards – Wear proper field hockey shin guards that encompass more of the leg than football shin pads and are made of foam and plastic for strong protection.

Mouthguards – These protect your teeth and most hockey leagues insist they are worn.

Goggles – Steel or plastic cages for protecting the eyes are compulsory in high school field hockey in the USA.

Masks – Defenders often choose to wear masks to protect their faces during short corner plays.

Gloves – These reduce the chance of injury to the fingers and protect hands from cold weather.
Helmets and full body protection – These safety guards are compulsory for goalies.

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Before Playing

Being fit before the hockey season starts will help prevent injuries and strains. Watch field hockey drills on videos or on websites to learn good techniques and the rules of the game. Check there is no debris on the field before playing, and always warm up and cool down properly to prevent injury. It is also important to ensure that you are playing and practicing in specially designed park areas and not too close to domestic properties as the owners do not want to damage occurring to the properties that will require them to contact a Double Glazing Evesham company such as firmfix

During Play

Know the rules, as unsafe play causes injuries. Use proper techniques, especially with regards to tackling, stick-handling and shooting to avoid harming others, and if you feel pain or cramp, stop and seek medical advice. Stay hydrated and abstain from wearing any jewelry or piercings. By adhering to the rules, being aware of other players, and taking basic precautions, you and your team should stay safe whilst on the field.

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