You need to get a Football coaching plan now

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Whether you run a kids’ Football team, a beginner adult club or a semi-professional team, having a sports plan – a plan for how you’ll train and coach – is vital for the success of the team. The plan will include how often you train, where you train and what you do in training including field Football drills, general fitness, and team bonding exercises.

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How much is too much?

Training is such a vital part of a team’s success it’s hard not to suggest you do it every day! Of course, this is unachievable and the normal amount of time to train for an amateur club or children’s team is once a week, preferably a day or two ahead of the matches. Training close to match day increases team bonding and gives you a last minute opportunity to pick the right team based on current performances.

Choosing Drills

There are so many drills out there that it’s hard to work out what’s best for your team. Use an online database of Football drills to help you find the right ones for your team. Whether you are looking to improve stick control, fitness, team building, attacking or defending, there’s a drill out there for you. Players, especially children, like the familiarity of the same drills, provided they actually enjoy them. Any drill that seems to go down well and has a good effect is worth keeping in the repertoire, but don’t do it every week or they will get bored with it. Work out a specific plan each week based on the last match or training session performance.

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Stay on top of your own Training

It’s important for coaches at all levels to stay on top of their own coaching development and to make learning a part of their sport plan. Use an online facility to undertake e-learning opportunities that can be flexible around your other commitments.

Looking good can also help and getting a set of Adidas Football Kits like those from someone like kitking.

Making the training sessions fun, challenging and interesting is the most vital part of successful coaching. Getting the right balance of how much and when will also have an effect. Developing your own coaching skills is vitally important too.

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