Auditing local SEO: the essentials

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A local search engine optimization (SEO) audit lets you check that you are as visible as possible to potential customers. By regularly assessing your online profile, you can make sure your site is working hard for you. Now that the world and his dog own a smartphone, local SEO is especially important. People are more likely to be searching on the go and want the right details at their fingertips.

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Local SEO audits don’t have to take an age. Follow these tips for a fast, efficient assessment.

Your digits

When customers can see your address, opening hours and phone number displayed prominently, they are far more likely to choose you over other, less-visible businesses. If incorrect information is listed, your citation score may be affected, which can drop you down the search listings. You can check your citation score for free at

Just ask

While it is possible to perform an efficient local SEO audit yourself, sometimes it is good to seek help from an expert Professional SEO services company such as elevate uk. Web design professionals can help you to perform the audit and you can learn the ropes for future attempts.

Keep it local

While the world wide web is as global as its name suggests, this does not mean that focusing on directories a little closer to home is a bad thing. With a huge variety of local directories available, from Yell to, you can boost your visibility dramatically by featuring in them.

The only drawback is that entering your details into multiple directories can be a monotonous and long-winded task. Rest assured that the time is worth it, as your hard work will have a great effect on your citation score. Creating a well-thought-out Google+ profile will also earn you points.

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Heavy meta

Checking your metadata is a crucial part of a local SEO audit. Metadata is the information displayed on your website that will appear in search listings. By optimizing this information, you can drive traffic more efficiently to your website.

Ensure that you include valid keywords in your metadata so that users can easy identify you. It is worth checking what keywords are most relevant to your industry regularly so that you can keep up to date with any changes – try Google’s Keyword Planner or WordTracker.

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