Six uses of silicone rubber

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Silicone rubber is a versatile, reliable material that can be put to diverse uses in the modern world. It has unusual and valuable properties such as elasticity, significant resistance to extremes of temperature including fire, and it is extremely stable near chemicals and resistant to a variety of extreme weather conditions.

These various properties of silicone rubber makes it particularly suitable for using when trying out innovative design methods, such as that described in this article from The Guardian

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Here we will look at six different ways of using silicone rubber:

Medical products

Silicone is resistant to bacteria and as such is ideally suited for use in healthcare products. There are strict safety standards for all products used in medical settings but silicone rubber is perfect for this sort of items, such as baby products and prosthetics.

Aviation and automotives

With its resistance to extreme temperatures and stress, silicone rubber is crucial in the manufacture of automotive parts and in the aviation industry. Silicone hose manufacturers can produce essential items ideally suited to the needs of this sector.


Electronic items can be particularly susceptible to error because of moisture and heat, but silicone rubber can be used as a sealant, protecting the workings of the most complex electrical items.

Manufacturing and industrial processes

The impressive and versatile properties of silicone rubber mean it can be used for innovative and inventive production techniques. In fact, silicone hose manufacturers can produce such a range of vital items that most manufacturing processes, however novel, can be supported.

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Food preparation

With the benefit of being FDA compliant, silicone rubber is suitable for use in the preparation of food. This is true both in domestic situations, with durable, non-stick products such as silicone rubber bakeware, and on an industrial scale at food processing plants.


The adhesive properties of silicone rubber mean it can be used to bind building materials. The resistance of silicone rubber to moisture or extremes of heat or cold make it ideal for sealing glass, metal, concrete and other building materials.

This is simply a brief overview of the current uses for silicone rubber, but it is not an exhaustive list and as we have seen, there is continuing innovation in this area. Silicone rubber will continue to be widely and inventively used to great effect.

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