The key to happiness in retirement

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Retiring is an occasion that many people can’t wait for, but it needs adjustment to get used to all that free time. You will want to take up activities to remain active, feel good and be healthy both in mind and body. Here are some tips for a happy retirement:

  1. Sort your finances

Ideally, do this before you retire so you know what you have to live on comfortably. Before retiring, try to reduce your expenses so that adjustments are easier. Make sure you have claimed the benefits you have the right to get, looking up any old pension entitlements you may have forgotten about.

  1. Prepare to go up and down emotionally

It’s normal to feel a little lost or a little lonely sometimes. Don’t expect life to suddenly become wonderful, you will still have good days and bad days. Try to think positively, even if changes to your health or relationships occur. Have a backup plan if your ideal retirement doesn’t go according to plan. Remember to challenge yourself, by learning something new like languages, instruments, or qualifications in something you enjoy.

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  1. Stick to the routine

This can help keep life feel more normal, staying up and running about the same time as you when you were working. Maintain routine activities such as clubs, hobbies, voluntary work, and anything that gives you a satisfying goal.

  1. Looking for social support

Work can provide many people with the social input and support they need, and thus retirement can be a bit surprising, with people feeling at a loose end or lonely. Don’t sit at home but join clubs and groups with the same interests as your interests. Consider a residential garden for easy access to various social activities. Find out more about Gloucester Park Homes for Sale at

  1. Active thoughts
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Research shows that learning in every stage of life helps people to stay independent. Whatever you like, whether it’s reading, learning, puzzles, entering quizzes or playing instruments – challenging your mind is as good as physical exercise.

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  1. Active body

Everyone must aim for moderate exercise around 2 hours per week and if this has not been part of your routine, maybe it’s time to build it gradually. Even gardening is considered a light exercise, so don’t think you have to jog. Join a bowling club or swim. You will enjoy the social aspects too.

  1. Have a pet

There are always dogs and cats that need a new home. Maybe you can devote some of your time to caring for new animal friends? It is a well-known scientific fact that pet ownership has a positive effect on mental and physical health and well-being. People with pets are happier, enjoy better health as they give you a feeling of belonging and purpose.

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