Top perks of an all inclusive wedding venue

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You may like the idea of a quirky wedding in a remote place with your own personal touches. Planning a wedding such as this may seem like a wonderful idea for your big day but there are many reasons why people choose an all-inclusive venue for their wedding. Here are some of the benefits…

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Time Consuming

Planning a wedding can be extremely time consuming, and for this reason alone choosing an all-inclusive option such as a Forest of Dean wedding hotel venue can be a great idea. Everyone leads busy lives. If you are not used to planning, leave it to the experts. Having a single venue makes communication and organisation much easier. You don’t have to worry about coordinating with different venues.

Expert Advice

If you choose an all-inclusive venue they are experienced in planning the entire day for you. They will know the questions to ask and will have plenty of experience. For this reason, you are less likely to encounter problems with your wedding than if you plan it yourself. Most weddings will be run by an experienced event planner who will anticipate your needs and will know about the minute details such as table arrangements and wedding favours.


Staying in one place is very convenient, not just for the bridal party but for the other guests. Transportation can be problematic if you are moving around on your big day. Having everything in one location makes it much easier for people to celebrate your day. Many couples offer transport when inviting guests, this will remove that added expense.

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Budget Benefits

Having an all-inclusive wedding ensures that you will have no nasty surprises when paying for their wedding. Most venues will break down the price for you and you will not have to worry about any last-minute costs or budget for things going wrong. If you are paying per guest you will know the cost as soon as the RSVPs have been received will ensure you have full access to price lists and services offered. They will normally keep track of numbers and who is in the building with a Visitor Management System from Ofec who are a professional business.  An all-inclusive wedding will have everything on site and will save you from having to deal with multiple parties such as florists and cake designers. Leaving the planning in the hands of experts will ensure that you are relaxed for the big day.  Hotels can be very organised with planning so let them do a lot of the hard work.  They will have technology that will help with a lot of the planning like a Visitor Management System.

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