4 ways to style the classy white shirt

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When it comes to basic items, it can be hard to always find new ideas for styling them and not getting bored. One of these must-have basic items is the white shirt. We all have it in our wardrobes, but how can you take a simple white shirt to the next level and make it look more stylish? Whether you’re looking for a professional outfit, a casual one, or something out of the ordinary, this article will present 4 different ways that you can wear your white shirt. Just find an event to be at as we already have your outfit in mind.

Elegance boost

If you want to spice up your outfit using a shirt that you already have, this is an amazing idea for you. Using an oversized shirt and just buttoning it differently will turn it into an off-the-shoulder elegant top that goes with a variety of skirts or bottoms. Add your favorite heels and some accessories and your outfit are sure to impress. For instructions on how to achieve this look, you can check out this video which has many options.

Sweater weather

You’ve probably seen this look before, but it’s just too good to be left out of this article, plus, we added a twist to it. Perfect for a variety of occasions, a white shirt worn under a sweater is something we’ve all done. The way to improve this look and to make it stand out is to choose a sweater that has an impressive design. An Irish sweater that has both stylish and meaningful stitches, with a white shirt underneath is classy with the perfect twist. Don’t forget to look online if you are looking for an Irish sweater. You’ll find various online Irish knitwear sellers

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Color party

The way to picture this outfit is by thinking about the crazy single aunt from any cliche movie. The way she would style a white shirt is the look we are proposing…maybe a little less crazy. You can go all in and mix bright colors with some extra accessories, or you can choose one of them. A white shirt with boyfriend jeans would go well with bright colored shoes and very colorful earrings. For another interpretation of this outfit, you can take some vividly colored trousers and a bag and add some white or nude shoes for contrast. Adapt your make-up to the color level that you want this outfit to have and you’re good to go.

Summer day

This one is perfect for a really hot day when you just want to be comfortable while also looking good. All you need for this outfit are some basic items: a white shirt, some biker shorts, a bra, and your favorite sneakers. You can style these items in many ways to personalize the outfit. Adding really big earrings, or a colorful bag would make it out of the ordinary. Buttoning more or fewer buttons can make it as revealing as you want, and your sneakers will complete your look nicely. Summer heat is getting on our nerves sometimes, but this outfit is sure to help with that problem.

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