Are wedding traditions on their way out?

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There’s nothing quite like a good wedding, and this desire to legally seal a romantic relationship shows no signs of dying out; unlike some wedding traditions, which many people are now choosing to ignore.

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Let’s take a look at some examples of traditions which were once standard, but may well disappear from wedding magazine checklists completely one day.

The groom must not see his bride in her dress until the ceremony

This hangover from the days when women were married off to strangers to secure family fortunes and many a father feared a plain girl would be rejected. Creating superstition about bad luck made it easy to hide your offspring behind a veil and get her off your hands. These days it’s popular to spend the night before you marry together, and even pose for some intimate pre-wedding pictures.

The bride’s father should walk her down the aisle

In the days when a man legally owned his daughters he ‘gave her away’ to another man, like a prize. In modern times women may not know, see or like their father or have grown up with a stepfather. Many choose a friend, relative or their mother, even if their father is still around, if they are not close –

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Women automatically adopt their husband’s surname

Nowadays it is common for women to skip changing names, preferring to keep her own family’s identity alive, or needing to retain authority in an established field, others add a hyphen and mash the two together.

The bride’s family pays for most things

Traditional wedding etiquette clearly divides responsibility for wedding expenses, with the bride’s father expected to pay for most of it but modern couples often fund everything themselves, or everyone chips in.

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Twenty-first century weddings highlight the evolving nature of nuptials. For example, if you are looking for a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue a place like can deliver the whole package in one location, quite a contrast to the traditional formal church – reception wedding of the past.

While the things we expect to see or do at weddings may be much more flexible these days, the basic point of it all remains the same – to acknowledge the commitment of two people to each other for life, and have a really good party to mark the occasion.


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