Tips to Consider in Cross-Border Shipping From Canada to the USA

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Here are some tips to consider in cross-border shipping from Canada. These tips can help you avoid common mistakes when shipping goods across borders. Keep reading to learn more about Transit time, Documentation requirements, and cost. You can even find a free tool to check the clearance status of your shipment. So, what are some common mistakes that companies make when shipping across borders? We have outlined some of the most common mistakes below.

Common mistakes made in cross-border shipping

One of the most common mistakes in cross-border shipping is failing to prepare for and submit all the necessary paperwork at the border. According to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, 35 percent of drivers arrive at the border with incomplete documentation. Not only will this delay the shipment, but it will also require redoing the paperwork. The delay will also increase the total cost of shipping. Here are some tips to avoid making these mistakes.

Documentation is the most critical aspect of cross-border shipping, and the most common mistakes involve incomplete or incorrect paperwork. Without proper paperwork, your shipment can be refused or delayed. Double-check all paperwork before leaving for the border. If there are any issues, address them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might end up paying a costly fine. If you are unsure what the paperwork is for, contact the shipping company directly to ask for clarification.

Documentation requirements

Aside from looking for the cheapest shipping from Canada to the US, you must follow specific documentation requirements when shipping products from Canada to the USA. For example, you must be prepared to provide a commercial invoice and the necessary documentation for your export shipment. Moreover, you should also ensure that you are not shipping prohibited items. The Canadian Border Services Agency has a list of prohibited and restricted goods. To avoid such problems, you should consider outsourcing your cross-border shipping.

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The most critical aspect of cross-border shipping is the proper documentation. In case of incorrect or incomplete documentation, your shipment may be delayed and be rejected. To avoid such costly delays, you should follow a well-established supply chain to ensure that your drivers are properly equipped. For example, you must provide a valid PARS number if you ship products from Canada to the USA.


The cost of cross-border shipping from Canada to the US is meager due to the North American Free Trade Agreement. The two countries exchange over $2 billion of goods and services daily. Depending on the size of your shipment, you can choose between truck freight, sea freight, or express couriers. For smaller packages, express couriers are the cheapest option, but large merchants may find that air or truck freight is the best option.

Thousands of trucks cross the Canada-U.S. border daily, carrying almost $1 billion in trade. Moreover, crossing the border is complex, requiring special paperwork and two different governments. As a result, a misstep at the border can prove very costly. 

Transit time

There are several ways to ship from Canada to the USA, and none is as fast or cheap as truck freight. Truck freight takes 1-3 days to get into motion, and it takes from two to six days to reach its destination stateside. The transit time will depend on the cargo amount, the transportation type, and the distance between the two points. Air freight is the best option if you need to ship a large inventory. However, truck freight requires a transport truck, which means additional cost. Consider hiring stateside logistics partners if your shipments are too large to fit into a container.

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If you’re shipping a large shipment, you might consider air or sea freight. But when sending a single item, you’ll want to use an express courier from Canada to the USA. Generally speaking, express couriers are the fastest option. Air freight and truck freight is the second and third-fastest options. Express couriers are the best choice if you’re sending a small package. For large shipments, air freight and sea freight are your best bet.

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