Tips to have an unforgettable trip this winter

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Even though summer is considered to be the season when most people travel outside their home state or even overseas, the winter months are the perfect time to visit a new destination. In order to have a memorable experience, it is important to prepare correctly not only for a wonderful trip but also for any unpleasant situations that you might encounter. Here are our tips on what you can do in order to ensure that you’ll have a great, safe and memorable journey.

Always pack a towel

If you’re not planning on staying in luxurious hotels and are rather a hostel or Airbnb type of traveler, always bring your own towels if you want to prevent any unpleasant situations. You never know how (and if) they are cleaned and not to give cheap hotels a bad name, but I still remember the rush I got after using one of their towels on one of my trips. Plus, a towel always comes in handy, for example at the beach or you can even roll it and use it as a pillow while flying or when on the bus. It won’t add too much to your baggage but will be a life savior in many situations.

Be prepared for any weather

No matter how many times you check the forecast for your destination, you might still be surprised by the unpredictable weather, so you should always pack your clothes for any weather even if you’re going to a tropical country or a Scandinavian one. Always pack some extra socks just in case, an umbrella, and a warm sweater. You might think that if you’re going to a warm region you might not need those, but you’d be surprised to find out how cold the nights can be in an area like this. This is why for the sweater merino wool is the best fabric for many travelers, as it can insulate the temperature of the body and keep you either fresh or warm depending on what your body needs. Nowadays you can find a great variety online at Getting a merino wool sweater can be a true game-changer and it will become an indispensable part of your luggage.

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Zip-lock bags are your best friend

One of the best travel hacks that I have sadly discovered pretty late is to keep zip-lock bags in your luggage at all times no matter where you’re going and what you’re traveling for. There are plenty of ways one can be used, like a waterproof bag for your toiletries, a laundry bag for your dirty clothes so that they won’t cause any unpleasant smells in the suitcase, or a trash bag (which is especially important if you’re traveling with little kids who wear diapers). It can also keep your wet clothes apart from the other ones, for example, if it is your last day at the beach and you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you can easily throw your swimsuit or beach shorts in a zip-lock bag without worrying about having to dry them properly.

Make copies of all your documents

When traveling, especially overseas, it is important to bring all the needed documents and we’re not talking strictly about your passport or ID, but also the driver’s license, health, and travel insurance, and any other forms of official issues identification forms. To make your trip a safer and more enjoyable one, we suggest making copies of all your documents and keeping them in your bag at all times. If it so happens that you lose your passport or ID, you won’t be able to cross the border only with a copy, but it will surely help greatly for your identification at the Consulate.

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