Effective Ways to Employ a Driver

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When hiring a driver, there are some essential factors that you should consider. For instance, you need to know what type of driver you need. There are several different types of drivers: personal drivers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, and more. These drivers pick up and drop off passengers from different locations, drive them safely, and are responsible for keeping them safe during the trip. There are also several ways to find a driver, including advertisements on company vehicles, asking for references, and more.

Job Description

A driver’s job description should be clear about the responsibilities and duties of the person hired. It should also indicate the salary and benefits that the person will receive. This document should also include general terms and conditions and qualification requirements. It should also ask the driver for their level of experience. These details will help you find the perfect candidate.

A truck driver’s job description should be easy to read. It should state the primary tasks and responsibilities of the position and should be structured using bullet points. An action verb should precede each bullet point to add emphasis and make it easier for the applicant to picture themselves in the role. It should also specify the driver level needed and the position’s location. This will help the applicant know precisely where they will be working.


Hiring the correct drivers is essential to the smooth operation of your company. When hiring drivers, you need to review the driver’s application for employment and use a Driver Hiring Checklist to ensure the best possible candidate is hired. It is also essential to ensure that all driver qualifications are maintained. This starts with good hiring practices and continues with the maintenance of the driver qualification file.

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A good driver will have the skills and experience necessary to do various transporting tasks. They should be punctual and possess excellent time management skills. Additionally, they should be physically fit and be able to lift heavy objects.

Job Application Form

You can easily create a driver application form by using a template. The template allows you to customize the form by replacing the company’s logo, changing the form styling, changing the background image, and adding a navigation menu. In addition, you can use multiple fields to collect information from a driver and split the form into two or three pages. Paperform has a lot of integrations with other software and services.

Drivers have different levels of experience. Those who are good at driving must have specific licenses and certifications. In some cases, a driver may need to have additional certifications to work as a driver for a company. For instance, a driver who a company employs may be required to fetch executives and do errands for them.

PSP Report

A PSP report is a database that enables registered carriers to verify a driver’s safety record and make a more informed hiring decision. The database contains violations that were detected during inspections of a driver or vehicle. These violations can be related to vehicle, load, and driver-related issues. For example, a driver might have expired logbooks, or his brakes are out of adjustment.

In addition to helping employers hire better drivers, PSP reports can be used to help train drivers. Carriers can identify dangerous habits early in the hiring process and coach drivers one-on-one to address them. In addition, carriers can set safety analytics features in their fleet management software that help them benchmark and track specific behaviors.

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Hiring a driver is expensive, and the costs are not limited to wages. Some companies have lower costs than others, and the average driver turnover is around eight grand per hire. But the industry average isn’t reliable for hiring costs, so you should calculate your costs, too.

In hiring a driver, you need to factor in the costs associated with the recruiting process. This will help you figure out the actual cost per hire. Calculating the cost per hire involves adding up all your recruitment costs and dividing them by the number of drivers you hire. This metric works for any period, including a month, quarter, or year.

Hiring a Driver

When hiring a driver, you should provide them with an extensive job description. This includes a brief overview of the role and a detailed list of duties and responsibilities. It also includes any required skills and equipment. It is also a good idea to include the hours of work and availability requirements of the job.

To ensure that the driver is a good fit for the job, you should require the driver to fill out a PSP and MVR disclosure form. You can use these forms to determine whether or not the driver has been involved in any crashes or violations. You should also request that the driver complete a Pre-Employment Drug Test for any job that involves safety-sensitive duties.

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